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Peck Store was founded in 1966, with a single belief in mind: great style can come at a great price—always. That belief propels us today as we consider today’s savvy home shoppers in all our decisions. We respect our customers’ wallets – and their time – by curating an assortment that delivers the looks they want without great expense or endless searching.

Furniture is different. So is Peck.

Can the perfect online furniture experience exist? As veterans of the furniture industry for more than 20 years, it is a question that we continually ask ourselves. We know there is a better way to buy and sell furniture online that could be more enjoyable for customers and manufacturers alike.

We have seen that the customer faces many difficulties in online purchasing, not getting the customization, high pricing, and not getting quality. Then we thought, why not give the customer high quality and customizable at low pricing.
You can also get the furniture of your choice made at a low rate and high quality.

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