DHP Milo Kids Sofa Futon, Teal


Whether used for hanging out with friends, watching television, reading a book or simply lounging around with friends, the DHP Milo Kids Sofa Futon is one your kids won’t be able to get enough of. This unique and versatile futon is the perfect addition for any room in the house. It serves not only as a futon but it is multi-functional and can easily convert into a lounger or a bed in no time. It is founded on a sturdy frame and legs that provide optimal support and stability. Available in various fun colors that your children can choose from, including: Pink, Teal, Black, Dark Blue and Lilac. Our Milo Sofa Futon is also easy to clean with simply a wet cloth and comes packaged in one box for easy handling. This futon is perfect for small living spaces and for accommodating your child’s friends or for overnight guests to sleep.

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