Furpezoo Dog Crate, Large Dog Crate Furniture Wood Two Door Dog Cage, 40″L


This durable wood dog crate and end table features a beautiful design with sturdy construction to make your pet feel at home. It is designed for small, medium and large sized dogs. The large dog crate furniture is made of a thickness of 15mm MDF board ( which is a high-density fiberboard) and a 10 mm diameter metal iron pipe. Furpezoo dog crate includes 2 methods of opening (both from the side door and the top door), The Side-Opening Door Design is convenient for pets to enter and exit and to clean the dog cage. Unique Skylight Door Design, you can put food from it to prevent pets from running out of the cage. When it is irritable, touching its head to interact with it will help the nervous puppy feel safe and relaxed, and eliminate its loneliness. This dog cage is designed with a spacious interior that can be decorated with a soft waterproof mat or bed to provide your lovely companion with maximum comfort. It comes with open side slats (the gap between every two iron pipes is 2.36”) for viewing and airflow, ensuring the pet’s inner peace of mind and avoiding the feeling of being confined and ensuring that they still feel like they are a part of the family while resting in their space. The beautiful design allows this dog crate to double as an end table adding function and style to your living room.

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