Huffy 26″ Cranbrook Women’s Cruiser Bike with Perfect Fit Frame


The frame is designed to fit your body’s natural bike-riding position, making this stylish bike a comfortable one to ride. It has a clean look without the clutter of cables and gears. The coaster brake is easy to use by simply pedaling back to stop. The dual-density grips and pedals add to its comfort and style. The tires are outlined in light pink and the matching black fenders help keep you dry as you cruise the neighborhood and sidewalks. The padded spring saddle is also comfortable to ride and coordinates with the overall design of this durable, sturdy, and attractive huffy 26″ Cranbrook women’s cruiser bike. Whether you’re an everyday rider or one who hasn’t ridden in years, you can feel confident on this bicycle as more comfort means more fun and a better bike ride. The pedals and handlebars feel good to the touch, while its style is meant to turn heads and impress. Style plus comfort equals the huffy 26″ Cranbrook women’s cruiser bike. It has a remarkable style and features Huffy exclusive perfect fit frame with raised handlebars, enabling you to ride in an upright position, which is more natural for your back, arms, and hands. Your legs can fully extend forward while you pedal, which helps to eliminates wrist, arm, neck, and leg fatigue. The padded seat on this single-speed bike is designed to be farther back with a lower Centre of gravity for better balance. While you’re seated at a stop, both feet can rest on the ground. This flat-footed stance provides better balance and control for you.