KLOKICK Wooden Sandbox with Cover, Sand Wall, Bottom Liner for Backyard, Outdoor Play Cedar Wood Wall Combination


KLOKICK 47.2″ X 39.4″ Solid Wood Square Sandbox With Cover And Sand Wall Combination (includes a top funnel, spinning wheel, and chutes) for kids to play. Kids can sit on the bench(able to hold 3-4 kids) if they feel tired after playing for a long time. Besides, by removing detachable panels, kids can store their sand toys in 3 storage compartments under the seat. Bottomless design with liner allows for excellent drainage, ventilation, and adjustment of sand depth Additionally, with the rope, you can also fix oxford fabric cover into the sandbox. The weather-resistant and sun-proof cover can well protect it on the beach or backyard. What’s more, premium cedar wood keeps it durable and stable. The sandbox is super easy to assemble. And the play-grade sand and toys are not included

KLOKICK Wooden Sandbox

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