Lifesmart 6 Element 1500W Electric Infrared Quartz Indoor Space Heater


The LifeSmart Electric Space Heater is an infrared heater that supplements your house’s heating while cutting your utility costs. Designed with a dark oak finish, this space heater will add a bit of class to your home. This heater, much like the infrared heating inside a toaster, is meant to heat objects in the room and provides a more natural warmth that won’t dry out the air. Infrared heaters are designed to work in addition to your home’s heating system. They are not meant to heat through walls or floors and work best in a single insulated room or garages. Equipped with smooth caster wheels, this electric heater can be moved from room to room with ease. Utilize this unit by zone heating the rooms you spend the most time in. Keep your room cozy without turning up the heat, and save yourself some money this winter with the LifeSmart Infrared Space Heater.

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