PetSafe Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier for Cats and Dogs, Adjustable, Battery-Operated


Sometimes chewing shoelaces and sneaking food from the trash can is just too tempting for your best friend to resist! PetSafe Pawz Away® Indoor Pet Barrier is here to help you teach your pet which spots in your home are off-limits. This training tool is easy to use, simply place the pet barrier in the spot you’d like your best friend to avoid and place the adjustable receiver collar around your pet’s neck. When your pet enters the pet-free zone, they will first hear a series of beeps from the receiver collar. If they do not leave the area, they will then feel a safe yet startling static correction. With a little time and practice, your pet will soon learn the areas of the home they need to avoid. The barrier transmitter covers up to 12 feet across or 6 feet radius. If you have more than one place in your home that you would like your cat or dog to stay away from, simply purchase as many additional Pawz Away® Indoor Pet Barriers as desired. Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

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