Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage Outdoor Playhouse for Kids


The Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage Playhouse for toddlers to school-aged children comes in multiple colors: blue, brown and pink tops. The Neat & Tidy playhouse collection is designed with realistic stone and wood finishes, can be setup as an indoor or backyard playhouse and includes many realistic features your children will play with for hours at a time! This kids indoor and outdoor playhouse is the blue playhouse version and features an open design to allow for multiple kiddos to play in at a time. The Dutch door and shutters both open and close to add to the playtime experience. While you little boy or girl is inside this beautiful cottage they will find a pretend fireplace to keep them warm, wall clock so they won’t be late going to meet up with their neighborhood friends, built-in shelves to store their many collectibles and kitchen setting that includes a sink, table and seat. But this little house also offers additional play experiences on the outside which include a grill to barbecue some burgers, molded-in flower box for planting real or fake flowers, exterior pass-through mailbox and realistic doorbell that makes sounds (requires 2 “AAA” batteries not included). But can’t forget this Step2 playhouse also comes with a pretend plastic cellular phone in case your toddler or school-aged child wants to call a friend or order a pizza. When Step2 designed this affordable playhouse for kids to play with year-round we made sure to use quality and sturdy plastics to allow this cottage to be weather resistant and last for many years. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if this is your child’s first playhouse (or replacement) we are sure your kiddo will enjoy playing in the Neat & Tidy Cottage Playhouse made by Step2. Adult Assembly Required.

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